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Streaming 101

We could all stand to pay a little less for our favorite shows and movies, right? Streaming services often claim to be less expensive than cable or satellite TV services—but is it true? Let’s compare factors like price, reliability, viewing experience, an...
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Parental Controls: Navigating Kids' Online World with Smart Home Wi-Fi

Balancing Connectivity and Safety with Children’s Devices With new tech entering our homes all the time, now is the perfect time to take the reins on your Wi-Fi network. Enter the Smart Home Wi-Fi app, your new best friend in understanding and managing yo...
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Troubleshooting Your Internet

No one likes internet issues, but with so many variables, you might experience a brief outage from time to time. Here's a guide to troubleshooting your connection wherever the problem lies. Let’s start with the basics.Fundamental QuestionsWhen you're tryi...
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Connecting Your Wireless Devices, Made Easy

These days, so many devices are “smart.” You probably have smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs—you may even have a smart coffee maker. That’s not including the laptops, tablets, home security systems, and Bluetooth speakers you may have as well. Add it ...
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LexNet Smart Wi-Fi: An Overview

Regardless of your internet speed package, your Wi-Fi network can only do so much from a traditional router. Typically placed near the center of your home, your router spreads Wi-Fi signals in all directions, giving you a strong connection in the middle o...
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What's Gig Speed and What Can It Do?

What's Gig Speed and What Can It Do? Fast internet is basically a home essential for most of us. If you work from home, stream shows, video chat with loved ones, or enjoy a good social media scroll, you know the perils of slow internet.So, what does fast ...
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About LexNet

Broadband division of Lexington Electric System

In 2021, Jeff Graves, General Manager of Lexington Electric, began securing government grants to bring broadband to LES’s rural service territory. Fast forward to August of 2023: LES has received the necessary grants and began its fiber network deployment. LexNet aims to provide reliable, affordable fiber connectivity for all LES customers.